Dual-Pouch Technology

stabilize yourself in pure comfort

Using proprietary TUQO technology, our dual-pouch system isolates your manhood in a protective chamber of breathable, stretchable, comforting bliss. Experience the difference the TUQO way.

Ultra-Premium Fabric

Materials Mean Everything

TUQO doesn't settle and neither do you. That's why we use Lenzing™ modal, a biodegradable fabric that is a much softer, lighter, durable, and a more environmentally-friendly alternative to regular cotton. Life without compromise is the TUQO way.

Max-Flex Perfect Fitting Band

Max-Flex tech conforms to your perfect shape

Experiencing pure freedom is wearing TUQO and forgetting you wore boxers that morning. With TUQO's max-flex technology tightness and limitations are a thing of the past. Breeze easy through life with TUQO.